Any licenced firearm owner.

No, it covers you and your family irrespective of the number of licensed firearms that you or your immediate family members own.

Depending on the option that you choose, you’ll get comprehensive legal cover up to R300 000 per case and liability cover up to R300 000 per annum.

Our lawyers are available 24 hours to assist you.

Yes, day or night, when required to.

Only the top lawyers in SA have been pre-selected and are part of our panel of legal practitioners.

Yes, each lawyer on our panel has a minimum of 10 years practicing experience.

No, we have a central head office in Pretoria with a nationwide panel of over 2 500 attorneys and advocates.

Yes, we can assist you in any town/area in South Africa. Our legal panel reaches all 9 provinces.


R135 per month for legal assistance cover up to R100 000 per case and up to R100 000 firearm liability cover per annum.


Option 2:

R245 per month for legal assistance cover up to R300 000 per case and up to R300 000 firearm liability cover per annum.

No, there are no excesses or hidden costs.

Complete the online application which will be forwarded automatically online to one of our accredited brokers;

–  you can complete a policy application with an accredited broker; or

–  call us on 012 665 2500 for further information; or

–  submit an enquiry for information or request a call back on our website.

Your policy starts on the date of the first premium payment.

View our policy wording for the policy exclusions.

From the inception of your policy, you can start using the service, but limited to advice only. Only after you have the policy for more than three months, you will be entitled to the litigation and representation benefits.

Yes, a 3-month waiting period is applicable but only with regards to litigation and representation in court. Representation in any matter only becomes active after expiry of the 3-month waiting period from the policy start date and matters that arose prior to the policy start date, or within the 3-month period, are excluded.

You are however entitled to legal advice from the start of your policy.

Matters that existed or originated prior to the starting date of your policy are excluded. For those matters you are however entitled to advice.

As frequently as required.

Premiums are collected via debit order. You can, upon specific request, pay your premium by eft.

Anytime and with immediate effect.

Claims must be instituted within 31 days from the date of an insured event or on the date on which you became aware of an occurrence of an insured event or a claim against you, which falls within the ambit of an insured event.

You can access our complaints by requesting it from our offices.

You can access our conflict of interest management policy here.

You can access our POPI Privacy Policy by clicking here.

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