Hijacker shot dead by truck driver on N3 at Heidelberg

A truck driver had to make use of his firearm training to protect himself from an armed hijacker who tried to kill him in a violent attempted hijacking. This scenario perfectly demonstrates the need to carry your firearm with you on the road, especially when passing through dangerous areas. The truck driver stopped at a […]

When stray dogs attack

It is not an exceptional circumstance to encounter an aggressive stray dog in a public place or on one’s own property. If you encounter a dog on public property or your own private property and it threatens your life, another’s life or your property, can you use your firearm (or any other means) to destroy […]

A guide to firearm owners: When poachers use dogs when they trespass for illegal hunting

 South African farmers are increasingly confronted by poachers who use dogs in their illegal hunting activities – a growing criminal activity on farms in all provinces. Confronting the culprits has proven to be a challenging endeavour because they are well informed about their rights and use the law to their full benefit, not hesitating to […]

Police gun confiscation after self-defence incident 

A man defends himself and his family only for all his firearms to be confiscated by the police.   Andre was forced to defend himself and his family on his Free State farm last year. While he was enjoying dinner  with his wife and their two young children, he spotted two men wearing balaclavas entering his […]

What to do when you are being harassed or bullied by the police

Have you been harassed by rogue Metro Police, SAPS or other Law Enforcement cops when travelling with your firearm and became the victim of extortion, corruption, and other cases of misconduct?  Don’t be bullied by these thugs! As a lawfully armed citizen, you have the right to carry and use your firearm. Advocate Henk Nolte, […]

KZN farmer shoots and kills two intruders, wounds a third 

 A young KZN farmer was forced to use his wits and firearms training to protect his family and his farm during a foiled farm attack on October 21, 2023. The recently married 27-year-old was stirred from his sleep at around 01:00 by the sound of the intruders breaking down one of the backdoors to the […]

Accidental discharge while cleaning a gun claims nine-year-old in Cape Town

A young boy was shot in the head in a freak incident involving an accidental discharge of a firearm. Nine-year-old Tiano Anthony was rushed to a nearby hospital in Towerkop Road, Manenberg in Cape Town in July 2023 where he succumbed to severe head trauma the following morning. After a police investigation, the owner of […]

Pretoria North homeowner shoots at villains entering property

A man from Pretoria North was outnumbered three to one when he was ambushed by robbers when he visited a friend in Pretoria North.  Very shortly after the victim parked and before he could get out of his vehicle, three males quickly alighted from a sedan that unlawfully entered the property and stopped right behind […]