KZN farmer shoots and kills two intruders, wounds a third 

 A young KZN farmer was forced to use his wits and firearms training to protect his family and his farm during a foiled farm attack on October 21, 2023. The recently married 27-year-old was stirred from his sleep at around 01:00 by the sound of the intruders breaking down one of the backdoors to the […]

Accidental discharge while cleaning a gun claims nine-year-old in Cape Town

A young boy was shot in the head in a freak incident involving an accidental discharge of a firearm. Nine-year-old Tiano Anthony was rushed to a nearby hospital in Towerkop Road, Manenberg in Cape Town in July 2023 where he succumbed to severe head trauma the following morning. After a police investigation, the owner of […]

Pretoria North homeowner shoots at villains entering property

A man from Pretoria North was outnumbered three to one when he was ambushed by robbers when he visited a friend in Pretoria North.  Very shortly after the victim parked and before he could get out of his vehicle, three males quickly alighted from a sedan that unlawfully entered the property and stopped right behind […]

Ten “common sense” safety tips to avoid hunting accidents

Photo for illustration purposes

Hunting is a very popular sport in South Africa and for many it is a way of life. However the presence of firearms means there is always a chance of accidents that can end in disaster and legal trouble.  Firearms Guardian is aware of the dangers associated with hunting and provides hunters with the following […]

Illegal miners intimidate Free State farmer with reverse arrest scam

Firearms Guardian today issued another warning to all firearm owners to beware of an increasing number of reverse arrest scams – a trump card commonly used by criminals, trespassers and illegal miners, especially on farms. According to former Regional Court magistrate, adv. Henk Nolte, the scam entails that the perpetrators of a crime lays a […]

You have the right to arrest!

The Free State farming community was deeply shaken when two female farmers were arrested and harassed by police after they lawfully arrested two stock thieves in early August, in a typical case of a reverse arrest scam that has become more and more popular among criminals. According to reports, Janné and Lize-Mari Smith spotted a […]

Police  bullies farming community

The South African police service demonstrated that  they have no respect or regard for the farming community in what was a blatant act of orchestrated bullying and browbeating in the first week of August 2023. The story of the two sisters who were jailed after executing a citizen’s arrest went viral. According to what we […]

Man faces murder charge after shooting intruder

A homeowner from Phoenix in Durban faces a murder charge after he shot an alleged robbery suspect who stabbed him in his yard. Timeslive reported on this story earlier in 2023. According to the SAPS a 60-year-old man allegedly found an unknown suspect at his premises with copper pipes whereafter he approached the suspect who […]

Durban man faces murder charge after shooting and killing suspected hijacker

A 44-year-old man from Durban is facing murder charges after he shot and killed asuspected hijacker around 2am on 21 June 2023 in Zazi Road, Ntuzuma. The driver was dropping off his girlfriend when they were approached by three armed men.The driver fired several shots, killing one of the hijackers while the others fled on foot. […]

Confusion in hunting trip nearly ends friendship in tragedy

In an instant, chaos erupted. The sound of gunshots echoed through the forest, startling birds into flight and sending animals scattering in all directions. Morné, who had just taken aim at his actual target, felt an intense pain in his leg as the bullet pierced his flesh. His shot went off. Christiaan, startled by the noise and sensing danger, dove behind a fallen tree trunk, narrowly avoiding Morné’s bullet.