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Hijacker shot dead by truck driver on N3 at Heidelberg

A truck driver had to make use of his firearm training to protect himself from an armed hijacker who tried to kill him in a violent attempted hijacking. This scenario perfectly demonstrates the need to carry your firearm with you on the road, especially when passing through dangerous areas.

The truck driver stopped at a traffic light when the lone hijacker alighted from a car in front of the truck, wielding a pistol. He opened the passenger door and pointed the gun at the driver’s head, demanding that he hand over the keys to the truck. The hijacker became impatient once the traffic around them started to move and he began to threaten the truck driver with his life. The traffic distracted the hijacker who momentarily looked away, giving the driver the chance to reach for his 9mm pistol under his seat which he used to shoot and kill the hijacker.

The driver was shaken by the event but managed to drive to Petroport where he phoned for assistance.

Our expert in criminal law, Dr. Llewelyn Curlewis weighs in:

“This is, in my view, a perfect example to illustrate a scenario where the law will protect the truck driver in the sense that a reasonable court would, in all probability, acquit the driver in the unlikely event the matter ends up before a court. I would even be surprised if the State institutes any prosecution against the driver. The driver complied to the letter to the well-known defence applicable in this instance, namely self-defence. This is a textbook example to show when it is acceptable to use and even kill someone to protect your own life as well as property.”

This can happen to you:

Had this truck driver not taken action to protect himself, he would have been shot and killed. In the best case scenario, he would have had his truck stolen and his livelihood taken away from him. South Africa has one of the highest hijacking rates in the world with an average of 65 cars stolen everyday according to the latest statistics. In South Africa no one can afford to say, “it won’t happen to me.” You need to be prepared for anything. Firearms Guardian understands your concern for your own safety as well as the safety of your family and are there for you when you have to take drastic action to protect yourself and those you love. In any investigation following the use of your firearm, you need Firearms Guardian to guide you and to guard your interests.

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This case study is based on an actual event but some assumptions were made in this piece