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What to do when you are being harassed or bullied by the police

Have you been harassed by rogue Metro Police, SAPS or other Law Enforcement cops when travelling with your firearm and became the victim of extortion, corruption, and other cases of misconduct?

 Don’t be bullied by these thugs! As a lawfully armed citizen, you have the right to carry and use your firearm.

Advocate Henk Nolte, Director of Firearms Guardian encourages firearm owners to heed the advice below if they ever find themselves in such an encounter. 

 Whenever you encounter a situation like this, you have the right to gather evidence to build your defence.

Firearms Guardian recommends the following:

  •  Be courteous 
  •  Request an appointment certificate from the specific official – he / she must be able to produce a card identifying them as a Police, Metro Police or Law Enforcement Officer
  • Take a photograph of the officer
  • Record the conversation throughout  
  •  Video record the encounter
  • Take photographs of the official’s vehicle and registration plate
  • Keep cash separately and not visible in your wallet – the aim of these officers is mostly to bully you out of money
  • Treat this information as confidential and do not publish it on social or any other media platform. You may only use this information as evidence in a possible legal battle.
  • Open a criminal case at the nearest police station.
  •  Report the matter to the relevant South African Police Service, Metro Police or Law Enforcement Department to enable an internal investigation into the conduct.
  •  Report the matter to IPID (Independent Police Investigative Directorate)
  • Make sure you keep records of every person spoken with, reported to and make sure you save the relevant reference and case numbers.

However, Firearms Guardian wants to remind our readers to always remain respectful in your encounters with any law enforcement official. A lot of good officers are still trying to make a real difference out there, and we must help them where we can.


The Firearms Guardian policy is administered by Insuresense Consultants (Pty) Ltd (FSP47115), an authorised Financial Services Provider and underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (FSP43638), an authorised Financial Services Provider and licensed non-life Insurer.