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When stray dogs attack

It is not an exceptional circumstance to encounter an aggressive stray dog in a public place or on one’s own

Police  bullies farming community

The South African police service demonstrated that  they have no respect or regard for the farming community in what was a blatant act of orchestrated bullying and browbeating in the first week of August 2023. The story of the two sisters who were jailed after executing a citizen’s arrest went viral.

According to what we know, Janné and Lize-Mari Smith spotted a suspicious vehicle when they went to investigate after their livestock alarms triggered repeatedly during the evening. They had suffered large livestock losses due to theft in the previous weeks and were hoping to avoid more losses. On arrival, they were able to arrest two suspects but the third fled the scene. The sisters called the police for assistance. Shockingly, around thirty officers including Free State SAPS members and members of the Hawks, armed with assault rifles, arrested the two sisters and a third male victim without a warrant, ransacked their home and imprisoned them for three days.

Do you live on a farm?
Are you legally armed and the first line of defence against farm attackers and livestock syndicates? 

Your chances of having to use your firearm, and therefore also being targeted by reverse arrest scams, false charges and unlawful arrest is higher than any other group.
You need Firearms Guardian.

A classic case of a reverse arrest scam, but, this time with SAPS members joining the criminality!

What is this “Reverse arrest scam”?

South African criminals have a new trump card up their sleeves and it threatens to even further compromise the already broken South African justice system and these cases are on the rise. Cases of reverse charges are most commonly seen during a citizen’s arrest where, after a criminal has been arrested by the citizen, they will claim that they were assaulted during the procedure and will lay a charge against the arrestee. This is done to intimate the victim and discourage them from going through with their charges, giving them a-get-out-jail-free card. Firearms Guardian’s elite legal team is well aware of these scams, and will ensure our clients do not fall into their traps.

According to (retired/former) magistrate & experienced former prosecutor adv. Henk Nolte this scenario is one of the reasons Firearms Guardian is a must have for all firearm owners. If these farmers was one of our clients, they would have never seen the inside of a jail cell.

What if this happens to you:

In South Africa no one can afford to say “it won’t happen to me.” You need to be prepared for anything. Firearms Guardian understands your concern for the safety of your family and are there for you when you have to take drastic action to protect those you love. In any investigation following the use of your firearm, you need Firearms Guardian to guide you and to guard your interests. 

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