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Braai time is crime time: Springbok recalls getting shot repeatedly after tackling four armed assailants while protecting family and friends

South African rugby players are notoriously big in stature and are well known for their physicality on the field. They tend to play the game as though their lives depend on it. Former Springbok and Free State Rugby coach, Naka Drotské, credits his instinct to charge and tackle, as what saved his friends and family during a brutal attack in November 2018, but it is also what almost cost him his life. 

Drotské can clearly recall the summer’s day when he visited his brother at his home on a smallholding in Kameeldrift near Pretoria together with his business partner and former teammate, Os du Randt. 

“I was sitting with my back to the garden when I heard Os and my brother shouting. There were four of them. All armed, wearing balaclavas. They didn’t want money – that much was clear to me, because our wallets and cell phones were right there. They tried to force us into the house, spraying tear gas, shouting. I just instantly knew that if I allowed that, we would die. Besides, the kids were in the house. There was just no way that I was going to let them get to the kids. 

So I did what I had to do. I went in for the tackle of all tackles, aiming for the leader and trying to take as many of them as I could with him, down the steps into the garden. It worked. We all tumbled down into the garden and we were struggling for the gun when the shots started coming. The leader shot me in the stomach. One of the others shot me in the arm – it went straight through and into my chest. There was another shot, but it missed. I just kept wrestling until I could hear the sirens coming – my brother’s son had pressed the panic button – and they fled.” 

Drotské considers himself very fortunate to have survived the ordeal. He had to undergo roughly ten surgeries and quite a lengthy hospital stay to recover. He suffered serious setbacks and infections and there were moments where things were really touch and go.

Drotské’s brother and his family never returned to the house where the attack took place. To make things worse, two of the assailants, who were arrested shortly after the attack, were released due to insufficient evidence. 

“Today, I am an advocate for legal firearm ownership. I am proof that size and strength isn’t a sufficient deterrent. If you are outnumbered and out weaponed in an attack, you and your family are vulnerable. Moreover, if you are attacked chances are that these guys have done it before. Our attackers are out there. Back on the street. They are confident, ruthless and aggressive. I cannot stress enough that you need to put yourself in the position to keep yourself and your family safe.” 

Along with responsible gun ownership, Drotské stresses the importance of having legal and liability coverage in case you have to use deadly force. “I have seen how the investigation following a violent attack can often make you feel vulnerable, let down and re-victimized. Having experts on your side to guide and protect your interests are crucial – that is why I recommend Firearms Guardian.”

In South Africa no one can afford to say “it won’t happen to me.” You need to be prepared for anything. Firearms Guardian understands your concern for the safety of your family and are there for you when you have to take drastic action to protect those you love. In any investigation following the use of your firearm, you need Firearms Guardian to guide you and to guard your interests. 

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