Firearm and hunting gear shop

Wildman Hunting and Outdoor has been a well-established business for the past seven years. It began as JJ Wapens in Ermelo and has since expanded to 15 Wildman Franchise shops. This expansion demonstrates the great success of the Wildman Franchise group’s services and products.

Wildman is equipped with the facilities and competent staff to provide expert advice and recommendations. Additionally, it offers firearm training and assists customers with their applications for firearm licenses.


The Legal & Law department at Wildman Hunting and Outdoor assists clients with the application process for their firearm licenses, helping with necessary paperwork and motivation to make the process easier. They also assist in appealing the refusal of firearm licenses. The department assists customers with their firearm and hunting licenses in both the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.

The purpose of this division is to offer clients who are applying for their firearm license, appeal, import, and renewals the opportunity to have these tasks completed on their behalf, in a manner that is acceptable to the SAPS.