Tactical self defence training

Fortis has been actively engaged in combating crime in South Africa and Africa since 1996. Possessing extensive knowledge of crime in farms and rural areas, as well as anti-poaching operations throughout the continent, Fortis offers a variety of training courses to farm watches, neighbourhood watches, security companies, and others.

Additionally, Fortis provides trained operators who can assist in apprehending stock thieves, preventing attacks, combating poachers, and training individuals to enhance their personal safety procedures.

Furthermore, Fortis conducts risk assessments in all areas and offers armed escort services to corporate entities and individuals.

A course that runs over 12 months will empower you to become the “Sheepdog” that can look after himself, his loved ones and his community in an emergency and life-threatening situation.

Developed by ex-SAPS Task Force Members for civilian applications, the Lone Operator program is designed to take you on a 12-month journey (just one Saturday per month), exposing you to top-quality instructors, teaching you to become self-reliant and preparing to protect yourself, your family and your community from violent attacks and disasters.

It is the ONLY training of its kind in SA.