Teaching educated violence

Bravo Tactical Africa teaches Close Quarter Survival in situations deemed worst-case scenarios. In South Africa we get attacked in the form of being ambushed, caught flat-footed, and totally surprised. Their aim is to equip our society and security personnel with the necessary skills to avoid and ultimately stop these threats.

Bravo Tactical Africa instructors’s actively work in the field to constantly gain knowledge and adapt their training to stay up to date with how we get attacked.


Bravo Tactical Africa provides Close Quarter Survival training from a beginner to an advanced level.

Courses: Marksmanship, Movement, Dynamic Movement, Ground Fighting, Concealed Carry, Cover and Concealment, Anti Hijacking, Room Clearance, Casualty Care, Stop The Bleed, Vehicle Injured Shooter.

Bravo Tactical Africa also specialises in training for Farmers, Security Units, and Law Enforcement agencies.